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Carbon Dioxide and Marijuana Plants

Marijuana plants will utilize carbon dioxide (CO2) whenever there are lights turned on. Since CO2 is constantly being used you will regularly have to feed those more to keep the plants replenished. If there is no ventilation in the growing area then the marijuana plants could use all of the carbon dioxide within only hours.

If the level of carbon dioxide decreases the speed that the weed plants grow at will slow down. If this happens then you will need to give the weed plants some air by opening a door, window, or supplying fresh air by other means.


Carbon dioxide gets measured by parts per million (ppm) and ideally your marijuana plants will want to have about 700ppm at all times. Certain experienced marijuana growers will up the CO2 contents for the growing room to make sure that the marijuana plants always have at least 700ppm. Having at least the recommended amount of CO2 at all times in the grow room will allow your marijuana plants growth speed to be a lot quicker. This may not lead to the potency being higher but when you harvest your weed plants you will get a higher yield than you would with the identical plant which received a lower amount of CO2.

If you are new to growing marijuana plants then you will have to be careful when you are placing more CO2 inside your growing area. If you can get CO2 that is cost efficient and you are able to measure it then you should be safe. If your marijuana plants have too little or too much carbon dioxide then it can severely harm them.

200ppm will lead to a very slow plant growth

700ppm is the perfect amount for a smooth plant growth.

2000ppm will burn your plants.

5000ppm will kill your plants.

If you have an exhaust system set up in your growing area it could be a problem. You are moving some of the air out of the room then a large amount of the carbon dioxide in the room will be removed before the marijuana plants can make use of it. It’s recommended that you use air cooled lighting setups when there is carbon dioxide in the room because it will not remove nearly as much of the CO2 that is in the growing area.


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