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Growing Marijuana Plants with Fluorescent Lights

Most people won’t use fluorescent lights on their marijuana plants for the full growth cycle because they are not strong enough and won’t give you a good yield. However, fluorescent lights are very popular in the early stages of growth for marijuana plants. You can easily purchase a basic double fluorescent light (48 inches) fixture and use two 30 to 60 watt bulbs in it. Usually the 48 inch fixture only costs about $40-50 at various hardware and department stores. Once you get the lighting fixture set up you should have it anywhere between three and ten inches from the top of the marijuana plants.


You could have the lights set up about four to six inches from the top of the marijuana plants and that would be perfect. Keep in mind that you will need to lift the lights up higher shortly after when the marijuana plants start to grow. Sometimes one marijuana plant will grow quicker than others as well so you might have to lift it up when you probably don’t want to. In some cases it would be better to have two different light fixtures but it’s usually alright to just have one.

After the marijuana plants develop a strong root system the marijuana leaves will start to grow. Once at least three sets of marijuana leaves show up on the marijuana plants (should take no more than two weeks) then the marijuana plants are at a state where they are about to rapidly grow in size.


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