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Fluorescent Lights

If you plan to have only one growing room to use for your marijuana plants for the vegetative and flowering stages then you may want to use fluorescent lights. Using a basic 48” fluorescent light which is set with two light bulbs can be strong enough to provide light for over twenty marijuana clones or seeds for the first two weeks of growth. The bulbs will have to be between 30 watts and 60 watts and may be able to support your marijuana plants for a little over two weeks in some cases.

Two Grow Rooms

If you are going to operate your marijuana plants crop in two different growing rooms then you can set it up with one room for the vegetative state and one room for the flowering state. Your basic 48” fluorescent light with two bulbs between 30 watts and 60 watts can supply light for six to eight marijuana plants in the vegetative state until they reach up to a foot tall. After that they will move to the other room and will likely be under different lights (like high pressure sodium lights) which are preferred for the flowering stage with cannabis plants.

You can purchase 48” fluorescent light fixtures with two bulbs between 30 watts and 60 watts for less than forty dollars at various department and hardware stores in your city. After you purchase the lighting fixture you will want to buy cool white bulbs as well because they are better when growing dope plants.

Usually 40w cool white fluorescent light bulbs will not cost nearly as much as other bulbs with different wattages will. You should look for a fluorescent lighting fixture which is specified for 40w fluorescent bulbs because it will be more cost efficient in the long run. Don’t purchase a fluorescent lighting fixture with a light cover and if you do remove it immediately because it will waste some of your light’s energy.

Marijuana plants can easily grow during the seedling and vegetative phase under fluorescent lights. Once your marijuana plants are in the flowering stage they can no longer grow with fluorescent lights. Dope plants need different lighting in the flowering stage.

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