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Marijuana Plant Gender

When you originally get your marijuana seeds you cannot determine the gender of them right away. It will take a little while before you know the gender of all your seeds. If the marijuana plants are not creating seeds then they will be able to produce more THC (making the dope more potent) and various other chemicals that are unique to marijuana. If seeds are being made then the yield will be less potent and a lot smaller.

Determining the Gender

Marijuana growers will usually remove the male marijuana plants from being near the female marijuana plants to prevent the female plants getting fertilized. This is known as sinsemilla. What you have left after taking the male plants away from the grow room will be a plant which is very difficult to grow, especially outside. One male plant holds the power to fertilize various female plants hundreds of feet away from it if the weed plants are outside. If the marijuana plants are inside then just one male plant in the grow room could fertilize every female plant in there.

Some people don’t mind having some males but people generally dislike them. Once the gender is determined you will have to act fast and figure out what you want to do with your male plants. Usually you have about a fifty percent chance of getting female seeds so you will likely run into some male plants. Whenever they do pop up in your crop the best bet is to just throw them out because they can do more harm than good.


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