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Germinated Marijuana Seeds – When to Plant

If you have marijuana seeds you are not going to just put them directly into the soil. You will have to germinate them first and this can take a little time. You will know that the marijuana seeds are germinated once a root is sprouted out. The root will have to be at least a quarter of an inch in size before you can comfortable place the germinated seeds into the growing soil. Once you go to place your marijuana seed in the soil make sure that you put the marijuana seed with the root facing down (so the root system can grow in the soil) inside your hydroponic garden’s growing soil.


Be sure that you wash your hands before you pick up your marijuana seeds and are gentle with them. You don’t want to infect them and get any germs or bacteria on the seeds because it could kill them at an early age. Make sure that you also do not ever touch the roots because they are fragile and it could lead to permanent damage which will ultimately ruin the growth of your marijuana plant if you do so. You could use tweezers to handle the marijuana seeds so you know that you don’t damage them.

If you don’t have germinated seeds but are using clones of a mother plant and you know the hydroponic garden works efficiently you can put the clone into your hydroponic garden accordingly.


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