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Heat and Marijuana Plants

The lights you are using to feed your marijuana plants energy can cause a problem. Most grow lights will give off heat and this can affect your marijuana plants. The more wattage put into use with your grow lights the more heat that will be generated from using them. Just a single 250w light can create a little bit of heat which is too much to want in the area. Having the growing room at a temperature which is too warm can lead to bad things happening to the marijuana plants. Having a bad room temperature can cause the marijuana plants to have a stunted growth and possibly even die.

Air Conditioning

A lot of experienced (and even beginners) marijuana plant growers will air the room out by some method. Some will use air conditioners while others will others may send the hot air in the grow room into a different room in the house or to the attic, outside, and various other areas. You can probably purchase an exhaust system at a hardware store in your city. There are many ways to set up your grow room so it is aired out properly. You can also purchase air cooled lights which can help minimized the heat which is caused from the grow lights before they damage your growing room at all. These lights may be more expensive but can be worth it in the long run.

If you plan on using more than just a single 250w grow light you will have to set up some sort of exhaust system to air the room out. If you cannot do this you will need to utilize a very big air condition that can stay on almost all the time. This can cause your electricity bill to be very expensive though. People who are growing a lot of marijuana plants for the purpose of distribution will usually utilize industrial exhaust fans but these are hundreds of dollars just for one. If you’re dealing with a relatively small crop you wouldn’t have to spend that much money on an exhaust system. A decent exhaust system setup will have the power to flush the whole room’s air out within about three to five minutes.


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