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Humidity and Marijuana Plants

The humidity in the grow room can affect your marijuana plants dearly. You should always monitor the humidity in the growing area by using a hydrometer. Just test the humidity of the room if you ever suspect that the humidity is at a point that isn’t suitable for your crop to live in. using a humidifier can make the humidity go up and using a dehumidifier can make the humidity go down. It’s suggested that your grow room always stays around 40-60% humidity to keep your weed plants from being affected.


You should make sure that the humidity level never surpasses 60% because you don’t want to have any mold issues. Mold can start to develop once the humidity reaches 60% and this can ultimately ruin your whole marijuana crop. If you are having an issue with mold in the growing area you should keep the humidity level under 50% instead.

There are a lot of things to watch like the temperature, pH levels, water, and much more but it’s important that you don’t forget to keep an eye on the humidity level. If the room seems to have a high humidity level you are going to want to check. This isn’t just the case when you are growing dope plants but even when you aren’t growing it’s important to keep the humidity level in the recommended range to prevent any possible mold appearing.


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