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Growing Marijuana Plants Indoors – Lighting

If you are working on a budget and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on the proper marijuana lights or lamps then you can still use some cheaper lights. You probably shouldn’t expect the same quality results but the difference will likely not be very noticeable. You will also have to make sure that the walls in the growing area for the weed plants are painted white (or you place aluminum foil all over them) in order to reflect the light so none is wasted.


You can buy both normal light bulbs and fluorescent lights. You could go and buy a 75w Sylvania light bulb and use it for a single marijuana plant if you wanted to. However, it would be recommended that you buy fluorescent lights instead if you are not on a budget – you can cover about one plant for ever two feet of fluorescent tubing. Make sure that if you buy fluorescent lights that you don’t get the cool white lights. The lights should be about 20” away from each other but anything under 14” could ruin your crop.

The lights you use for growing the marijuana plants are very important and a lot of people will say it is a necessity for you to spend hundreds of dollars just on the lights but that is not the truth. You could get by growing your weed plants with just cheap 75 watt lights if you do it right.

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