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Marijuana Plant Growing – Manicure

Once you harvest your marijuana plants you will have to manicure them. This is where you remove the marijuana leaves from the buds. After you do this you will have to dry out the marijuana buds and cure them. Right after you harvest your marijuana plants they will not be very potent and if you smoke some at that point it will be harsh and won’t taste good. When you dry the marijuana plants it will allow most of the water to evaporate in little time and the curing process helps to complete the drying task.


Once you cut your marijuana plants down a bit of the THC contents will be in the form of non-psychoactive acidic. Once you dry and cure your marijuana plants it will turn your marijuana to psychoactive THC instead and this helps make the high a lot more potent when you smoke your dope.

If you plan on storing the marijuana for even just a short period of time you will have to put it in air tight containers and place all the weed in a dark, cool, and dry area. Keep in mind that any light, heat, and air can damage the THC content in the marijuana if the weed gets exposed to it. Storing your weed properly is very important. You can read up a lot more on how you can dry and cure your marijuana efficiently as well to make sure you don’t make any mistakes.


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