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Overwatering Marijuana Plants

If your marijuana plants get too much water it can lead to major issues which can cause serious damage and possibly even kill them. It’s important your dope plants don’t get overwatered. If you give your cannabis plants too much water it can end up causing the root system to get weaker. The roots of your weed plants will no longer be able to get a sufficient amount of oxygen and it will lead to the plant being in a condition which results in the roots rotting and getting harmed. Eventually the whole plant will suffer.


The first signs of marijuana plants getting too much water may not be too obvious because it’s mostly in the root system. However the leaves will show signs of stress eventually and dope plants can have a stunted growth or even die from getting too much water frequently. Some people might just think that the plants aren’t receiving enough fertilizer. This is the case but it’s caused from too much water. A lot of people (especially beginner growers) will just give more nutrients to the ganja plants to try to help it but this just makes things worse.

It’s important to feed the marijuana plants frequently in small amounts that are just enough to keep the plants healthy. Make sure your dope plants don’t get too much water because it could end up dying really easily. Keep in mind that if the weed plants don’t get enough water it could lead to major issues as well so you should read up on that to be prepared for the situation and know how to prevent it or recognize it.

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