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Growing Marijuana Plants – pH Level in Soil

The pH level in soil when growing marijuana plants should be around 6.5 and 7.0 at all times. If you are growing the marijuana plants in containers then you should be checking the pH level for every plant separately. If you are growing the marijuana plants outside then you should check the pH level for a few different sections of the garden. If it’s a big growing area outside then just pick random areas to check and check either weekly or bi-weekly.


Marijuana plants that grow in soil receive the nutrients out of the soil and the soil that the marijuana plants are growing in can change the pH level. Almost all fertilizers can modify the pH level in your growing soil. If you put more fertilizer into your growing soil it will usually make the pH level go a little lower then it previously was. The soil will become even more acidic over time and it can lead to the marijuana plants stopping growing because it can lead to browning of the foliage. This could ultimately lead to killing your marijuana plants as well if it gets too extreme.

With age the root system in marijuana plants are not as harmed from the marijuana leaves absorbing plant food. To stop from your marijuana plants getting too acidic you have to make sure that your dope plants receive the food that they need and move to feeding the leaves after around 6-7 weeks in.


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