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How to Make Hash – Pollinator Technique

A pollinator is certain kind of herb grinder which contains a part that works effectively to absorb hashish powder from dried marijuana buds. After you harvest your marijuana plants and dry the buds you can use the pollinator to make hash. After you get enough powder it will then get pressed and becomes hash. The powder gets pressed with a pollen press or an alternative.


The pollinator is primarily used to crush down the buds of weed to nearly the size of powder but not that finely crushed. The buds will get crushed to the point where they could be smoked in a joint (working similar to a grinder).

The pollinator also has a screen which lets the hash powder get collected. The screen on the pollinator works similar to how the sieving process of making hash works. However with the pollinator it only takes out a portion of the active materials from the weed.

Since the majority of the active chemicals in the marijuana don’t get taken out the potency change of the weed is barely changed. That means the remaining dope after processing through the pollinator can be smoked and will still get you high. The sieving process would leave you with no marijuana worth smoking.

If you are not growing a lot of cannabis plants then this would be the best option. Every time you go to smoke your weed you could let the powder save up and be converted to hashish. This basically gives you a bit of free hash every time you get high. If you grow a lot of dope plants you can choose a better method for large production of hash.

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