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Potent Part of the Marijuana Plant

Everyone that is growing marijuana plants wants to use it to get high but there are only certain parts of the weed plant that are actually potent enough to get you high. Some people may even choose to eat certain parts of the marijuana plant as well and that is a possibility. There are generally just a few areas of the marijuana plant which can be smoked though.

Smoking Marijuana

The vegetable areas of the marijuana plant are able to be smoked. You can get high from smoking the buds and ‘shake’ which is a term that people use for the leftovers of the plant but it has been known to be not as potent. The resin is even used by some people to get high as well.

The amount of THC that is in the marijuana plant will vary for each plant but on average it can sit around one to four percent. The marijuana leaves and buds are easy to smoke and many people enjoy them but when you are harvesting your weed plants you got to know what is useful so you don’t waste anything that has value. Most parts of the marijuana plant actually do have a use though because even some people use stems to make marijuana tea and get a slight buzz from drinking it.

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