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Growing Marijuana Plants – Using a Thermometer

There are a few things that can occur in your grow room which will affect how your dope plants grow. If your plants go without water and air it can definitely be a major issue. Another problem that a lot of people who grow weed plants have is the temperature. Some people ignore how hot the room gets and this could be a major issue which could harm your cannabis plants.


You have to make sure your marijuana plants are in a room with a cool temperature that is within the range preferred for your particular grow setup. You should purchase a basic thermometer which can measure the temperature in between fifty to ninety degree Fahrenheit.

You can purchase a basic thermometer in various department stores in your city. You will also have to get a hygrometer which measures the humidity of the room. You can find some hygrometers that can check the temperature of the room as well so that would be a bonus.

Both the temperature and the humidity of the grow room play a major role on how your cannabis plants grow. It is important to keep the temperature where it is safe for your dope plants and won’t damage them. The humidity can play a large role if you are growing the marijuana plants in a basement or attic but should still be checked for any growing environment.

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