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Use Trichomes to Identify Harvest Time

One thing that new growers or growers that are new to a certain strain fear is messing up the harvest time. If you don’t time everything just right then you will end up with a smaller yield and/or possibly doing harm to your marijuana plants. You can watch the trichomes to see when the weed plants are ready to be harvested. Once most of the trichomes change to a milky/transparent appearance it is a sign that the harvest time is coming around.


While not all of the trichomes will reach a maturity level at the same time you can still get a good idea if the majority of trichomes have matured. If you want to be extra cautious then you can section out the buds that are ready for harvest and just harvest them. It won’t be too damaging if you harvest all of the weed plants when the vast majority of them are already prepared to be harvested. It’s not that easy to see the trichomes though without using a magnifying glass or microscope.

You will also discover a different type of trichome located on your marijuana plants which are referred to as cystolith trichomes. These are usually located underneath the marijuana leaves and are easily identified as tiny hairs that don’t contain any resin glands near the top. This particular trichome does not contain any THC.


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